Monday, February 17, 2014



Kesamaan WawBaw dan The Ballet Cats terlihat pada Konsep desain Produk. Konsep Produk,lebih bersifat Daily needs, Ready to-wear, Crafted. Bermain dengan karakter desain illustrasi yang khusus menjadi ciri khas kedua brand tersebut. Walaupun Konsep illustrasi yang mereka usung sangat berbeda, tapi keduanya mempunya ciri khas yang sama, menampilkan unsur ilustrasi yang kuat.


Brand I Wear Up, Diana Rikasari dan The Ballet Cats Jordan Marzuki.. Kedua founder sekaligus desainer brand tersebut yang menjadikan lifestylenya konsep dalam bisnis brand fashionnya. Dengan khusus mereka menjadikan apa yang menjadi gaya dalam keseharian mereka sebagai apa yang mereka tampilkan dalam konsep produkdan desain brand fashion mereka.
Mereka telah berhasil menciptakan gayanya tersendiri, menjadikan Trensenter. Membuat orang mencintai gaya mereka. Itulah kesamaan utama kedua brand tersebut. Dapat menciptakan pasarnya tersendiri. (membawa pasar). Yang menjadikan konsep brand tersebut semakin kuat.


By: Diana Rikasari
UP is the brainchild of Diana Rikasari, a believer that a pair of pretty shoes would always make her day. On the road, in the classroom, inside the taxi, she would always stare at her shoes and think how lucky she is to have her feet covered with beauties.

UP was established in December 2010, with hopes to spread happiness around the world. We want to see you walking happily, because you know you’ve got the right shoes on. And by being happy, we ensure that you feel good about it, because you know that walking in them means creating a better future one child at a time. For every pair of UP shoes you purchase, IDR 5.000 goes directly to scholarship for low-income children.

UP shoes are made-to-order, which helps us minimize waste and inventory cost. By doing so, we are able to offer you affordable prices at the expense of your 14 working-days of wait.

UP shoes come with passion and purpose. Made in Indonesia.
UP belongs to PT. Bitdas Indonesia. BANGGA BAYAR PAJAK.

See it!!... it is some shoes of the brands I Wear Up. characteristic of the shoes i wear up. model is unique and always had a thematic and a reflection of the style of this brand is the inventor of Diana Rikasari.